A Good Luck Spell that Really Works

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Learn to make your own luck with joy and gratitude.

I get asked about real spells that really work for beginners or where to start with your spell casting and I am really a shaman at heart so I have to say that no spell will work until you learn to “stop the world.”  The fact that you are even looking for a specific spell to do a certain thing is a hint that you are chasing monkeys.  By chasing monkeys I mean following your thoughts is like you chase one monkey down the road and as soon as you catch him two more appear and run off in opposite directions.  I becomes a never ending frenzy of want.


It is in meditation that you learn to stop the world.  You have to learn how to enter into a theta state and be okay with the quiet of your mind.  Its only in the quiet that you can unattach all the random thoughts and emotions that have swum by and emit a pure strong frequency that attracts good things to you.   So before you even consider spell work which is a marshaling of your will, I suggest you figure out how to get  started meditating.


Don’t feel like you have to be a Buddhist monk with it though, it only takes 17 seconds of high level meditative state to start creating chemical reactions in the brain and body.  A few minutes in the morning or a little night time routine before bed are all you need to get started working your meditation muscles.  You can never control the things around you until you can control yourself and meditation is where you learn to do that.  So in answer to the question do spells work, yes but they only work as well as you do.


So, on to the good luck spell that really works…Once you have built yourself a little routine and have learned how to sit in silence you can begin meditating in your circle.  A magical circle is a place created through intention that touches both the physical world and the spiritual world.  It is a door way place.  You can choose your own internal imagery but I work with elemental forces and fairy energy a lot so I like nature imagery and my circles tend to be celtic knots woven from plants and vines.  When my husband and I cast together he uses a samurai sword as his athame and I use an apple wood wand.  He walks the circle and visualizes fire purifying everything and I walk behind him and see the charred Earth as being fertilized so I water it and make my beautiful plants grow in intricate celtic patterns around us and make it a forrest where we can be nurtured and be in touch with the earth.   (You can also feel free to borrow imagery from popular movies and TV shows because they have become part of the collective unconscious they can be very powerful.)  Stargate had some awesome circles and you can visualize it turning and locking in to place if you want to go to a certain realm or speak to a specific entity.


Now that you have built your circle between the worlds it is time to call the quarters.  That means you call in protective spirits from the north the south the east and the west and you ask them respectfully to watch over you while you do magic.  This is an important part of the spell casting and you can to some research to see what pantheon or angelic spirits you would like to work with in contacting but don’t leave this part out it is important.

Real working spells always start with a clear intention and calling quarters is designed to settle your mind and make you feel safe enough to do your magical journey and know that  you can safely manifest your intention.

Once your circle is set and the quarters are called you can sit down to meditate.  All good luck spells should involve meditation. I’ll tell you a secret all good magic uses energy of the emotions to bring things in to manifestation.  So clear your mind and begin to think of all the things you are grateful for.  Think of happy times with family, amazing strokes of luck you have had in the past times when stuff just worked out for you, then begin to imagine all the good things that will happen in the future.  People shaking your hand because you got the job.  Imagine looking at the winning lottery ticket in your own hand, imagine how happy and confident you will be when you walk through each day knowing luck will always be on your side.  Just walking down the street and finding money.  Running in to old friends and being happy.  Imagine all the stars in the heaven smiling down on you and raining good luck into your life.


This is the magic, being in one place and moving your emotions to another place and knowing that your reality will follow. This skill will always result in good spells.


Once you have really enjoyed your meditation and feel like you have ridden it as far as you can, dismiss each of the quarters and thank them for their protection and ask them to make the magic manifest in the world.  Open your circle and put away your meditation things or alter and have a good nights sleep knowing things will be different in the morning.  The good spells that work are always a joy to cast.


Best of Luck my friend


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