How to Get Started Reading Tarot Cards

Posted by on November 15, 2011


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Get a deck and give it a try

Word tarot is used to denote any set of cards bearing symbolic pictures that used for divination or cartomancy,or meditation


It’s hard to say there is a standard tarot card deck anymore however the traditional size stack is usually 78 cards and those cards accrued into the major Arcana of 22 cards trumps and the minor Arcana of 56 suit cards. The 22 trump cards usually number zero 21.


The great thing about tarot card deck is that the symbols it presents will relate to many different systems of esoteric knowledge that you can relate to. In addition to the trumps the cards are divided into four suits typically 14 cards each ace through King.  The four suits are associated with the four western elements, earth, air, fire and water, Also the suits we typically see in playing decks in the  West. I have seen some very talented tarot cards readers who use just plain old Western playing cards and do a bang up job of it.


Many theories have been advanced concerning the origin of tarot cards. Some occultists believe the tarot to be a remnant of the Egyptian book of Thoth which was the legendary repository of Egyptian mysteries since the Romans burned down the great library of Alexandria that we may never know.


We do know that tarot cards in their modern form appeared in Italy and about the 14th century. Apparently those ducks were made to play an Italian game called to Tarocchi,  I have some friends who try to play the tarot card game is represented in historical sources however they found it completely boring and we gave up.


Tarot card decks were invented at a time when very few people could read so the vivid imagery in them helps people relate to the cards and keep them in their memories. We are so well educated now and able to get on our Internet and cruise away we forget that it hasn’t been very long that people have had to rely on their memory and their oral traditions to keep the story.


Many of the images in the modern tarot deck that we see are actually based on biblical stories. Those early tarot decks were made for a generation of people who learned of his biblical history to stained-glass windows and imagery the tarot cards were a way to disseminate the stories wider and cheaper.


We are very lucky today because many many many different permutations of tarot cards now exist and there has been some incredible artwork portrayed in various decks. Most people I know read tarot cards when retail client’s have several different decks. I have several different decks that are used based on what I’m trying to divine and usually when I go out in public and read further people take several decks and let the query she’s the deck. It’s always fun to see how the deck they choose gives them imagery that they can relate to that the true magic of the tarot is that it provides this was so much imagery in such a random setting that we find something within imagery July 2 that resonates with us


Some of my personal favorite decks are a shape shifter tarot mostly because of the images I see in the shape shifter relate very closely to how my spirit guides appear to me. Many times my animal allies are somewhat shifted in a half animal and half human form, maybe so we can communicate better maybe so I can relate better but they often appear to me as more than just an animal that you would see in a zoo or on the street.


I also love the Osho Zen Tarot deck. The imagery in its is just so brutal though, that deck very much relates to psychological issues. People struggling with addiction usually gravitate to it and it is a deck of cards that is so sharp it will cut you between your your soul and your spirit,  it’s very stark and Asian and very Buddhist and yet very beautiful. That is a deck that someone will choose when they’re really ready to hear the truth


The legacy tarot deck is another beautiful text very very well done.

If you’re interested in studying tarot I encourage you to use the link on this site to pull up the free tarot reading generator.   They offer you many different tarot card decks to choose from and it is a good way to get familiar with the imagery and to see how it resonates with your spirit.


I love my individual tarot card decks not for divination necessarily, although I’m I think it above average tarot card reader. I love my tarot cards for the journeys they take me on


In 2001 I was and a very very bad car wreck due to driving angry and reading my, very quickly but I in fact broke both legs which really sucks.  I recommend to anyone you want to meditate more control temper, however, while I was recovering from that very powerful learning experience someone gave me my first tarot card deck.


It was a perfect opportunity to meditate since I actually couldn’t get up and go anywhere so I used that tarot deck to focus on the theme and to visualize myself into the scene and to see interact with the characters on the card to see what message they had for me, what was the message that I was supposed to give to someone if I got that card for them. Often times that card would lead me to other worlds or other realms or other scenes.  It was far and away some of the most fun meditating I’ve ever done.


So whatever tarot deck you’d choose I encourage you not to get three or four all at once although they’ll find their way to you they’re so beautiful it is and it’s very cheap and easy way to collect beautiful art, but pick one that you really want to do your divination tool.  I recommend that you choose one with the standard 78 card set up so that you can learn the structure of one deck.


Once  you learned that 78 card or cold backwards and forwards for one deck Gilby able to translate it when you get other decks that are structured the same way the are will will speak to you easily if but one that live with that meditate with that go into the scene meet the characters here the story and know that is your story.  Many decks also come with a book of interpretation of cards but this is just a jumping off point.   Tarot is a wonderful wonderful journey and I recommend it to anyone at all.

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